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Waterjet cutting service



An important benefit of the water jet cutter is the ability to cut material without interfering with the material's inherent structure as there is no "heat-affected zone" or HAZ. Minimizing the effects of heat allows metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties.

  • Nearly endless variety of materials up to approx. 200 millimetres thick (depending on the quality and composition)
  • Stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, non-ferrous and other metals
  • Ceramics, glass and bullet-proof glass
  • Stone, including granite and marble
  • Fibre reinforced synthetics, including carbon-fibre reinforced plastic
  • Synthetics, including thermoplastics and duro plastics
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Hard and soft foam
  • Sandwich and structural materials
  • Wood, paper and cardboard
  • Sealing materials, including rubber and fabric-based laminates

Areas of application

  • Automotive industries
  • Machine and apparatus engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Aerospace
  • Construction and interior fittings
  • Food industry
  • Medical engineering
  • Signage and logos
  • Glass industry
  • Boat building